What a great experience! Found the clinic last minute but thankfully managed to get an appointment on the same day by the lovely guy at reception! Was feeling really anxious and nervous about being tested for an STI but honestly the way Doctor M did his job was fantastic! Made me feel really welcomed and comfortable before, during and after the appointment. The procedure was not awkward at all! It’s not always comfortable being around a male doctor in such situations but he was just so professional and so understanding. Really made me feel at ease. He’s advice on the tests I should have etc was so genuine. You can really tell he is not there to make money off you- he genuinely cares for his clients!! I was being tested for Chalmydia/Gonorrhoea and opted for the 95 mins test results (£130), although I intended on having the £80 test for both STI’s whereby you get the results in 20 mins, however, after having a chat with Doctor M I decided to change the plan- I don’t regret it one bit! I’ve been to NHS clinics which are not as warm and welcoming as this clinic or as accurate in their results! So the clinica is highly recommended by me!! Doctor M even gave me a lovely cream pastry to take home because I told him I hadn’t ate since the day before due to stress! By far the best doctors experience I have had!

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