Sexual Health Consultation

An unhurried consultation with an NHS trained sexual health specialist is the best way to develop an understanding of your sexual health problem – whether this is via a thorough medical & sexual history, a physical examination or by discussing your worries.

We can also provide any tests/treatments in the same appointment.

All appointments are highly confidential.

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Unhurried appointments

With plenty of time for you


Highly confidential service

And discreetly located clinics


Specialists in sexual health

From busy NHS clinics

What are the benefits of a Sexual Health Consultation?

Our consultations are designed to help us your problem and discuss together the best way in which to overcome this. Some of the key benefits include:

    • Helps understanding of your problem
    • Offers qualified advice
    • Helps diagnosis
    • Saves time & stress
    • Answers your questions
    • Offers reassurance

    How does the consultation work?

    Step 1: Prepare for your appointment

    Unless there are medical records or paperwork, we do not require you to bring anything to your appointment.

    Step 2: Begin to understand your problem

    Part 1: Medical History
    We will understand any prior medical conditions that you may have, the GPs and clinics you may have come across on your way and the possible diagnosis/tests/treatments they have offered you.

    Part 2: Sexual & Gynaecological History
    We will then turn to some personal questions regarding your sexual and contraceptive history.

    This will help us determine the risks that you may be at.

    Part 3: Physical examination
    If you are experiencing symptoms or would like a specialist to examine you, we will proceed to do so.

    Female patients will have the option of seeing a female clinician and/or have a female chaperone present.

    Step 3: Discuss how to solve this

    We will then recommend the exact tests and/or treatments that you may need and run through the costs with you.

    We offer plenty of time for this discussion so you can have an in-depth understanding of how best to proceed any ask any questions during this point.

    We will only proceed with whatever you are comfortable with.

    Step 4: Proceed with the solution

    Sexual health tests
    We will test for the exact STIs that you may be at risk of and/or worried about. Same day test results are available.

    Results are available in-person, text, email or over the phone.

    We will provide you with any medications that you need during your appointment (extra charges apply).

    Alternivately, you can take a prescription to your pharmacist.

    Follow ups & referrals
    We may ask you to come back in a week or two to make sure that you are recovering well.

    If your problem is outside the scope of our speciality, then we will refer you to an NHS/Private hospital.

    How much does a consultation cost?

    A consultation is £50 and is approximately 30 minutes in total (this includes time for collecting any samples and processing any tests).

    Any tests, treatments and follow ups are charged seperately.

    Your focused team

    At Clarewell Clinics, doctors, nurses, assistants and receptionists work together in helping you get past your sexual health problem.

    This means that they are highly focused and experienced in caring for people with the type of sexual health problem you have.



    Will I have to book another appointment for my tests and treatment?

    No. Your tests and treatment can be carried out immediately after your STI Consultation.

    Who will I see?

    You have the choice of seeing one of our specialist doctors or advanced nurse practictioners (depending on availability and preference).

    All female patients will have the option of seeing a female clinician or having a female chaperone.

    You can meet them here.

    Do I need to bring anything with me?

    If you have any documents from previous GP/Doctor visits then we recommend bringing these with you. Otherwise, you only need to bring yourself.

    Can I bring someone with me?

    Of course. You are more than welcome to bring your partner, your friend or family member to your appointment.

    How much is a Sexual health consultation?

    An Sexual health Consultation is £60, which is included in the price of every test (please see here for more info).

    If you are experiencing symptoms

    It is important to refer to a healthcare provider as soon as possible. Our experience combined with timely detection can help avoid complications in the future.

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