Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Advanced shockwave (EWST) treatment for ED

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Advanced shockwave (EWST) treatment for ED

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain and erection. This affects a vast number of men as they get older. At Clarewell Clinics, we offer the most advanced and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED): Shockwave Therapy (ESWT). For those eligible, success rates are as high as 80%.

About Our ED Treatment

How does it work?

The aim of Shockwave Therapy is to regenerate blood vessels in the penis to help you achieve and maintain an erection.

We will carefully transmit 3000 shockwaves to the distal penis shaft, mid-shaft penis and the right & left crura. This procedure will be done 6 times (once weekly, though may vary in some cases) to complete the full treatment.

We will also use ultrasound gel in order to improve the transmission of the shockwaves and achieve optimal results.

Effects may start to appear after 2-3 sessions, but it is highly recommended that the full treatment sessions are completed.

About the technology

Our Shockwave Therapy machines comes from the Pioneers of Shockwave themselves: Storz Medical of Switzerland. They have been constantly pushing boundaries and helping millions since 1987 in areas such as cardiology, orthopaedics and urology. Read more about them here.

Am I eligible for this?

This treatment is particularly beneficial for those with vascular problems, as the shockwaves are designed to regenerate blood vessels in the penis.

If your problem may be a little different, our sexual health consultants will help design a tailored treatment plan for you.

How much does it cost?

Initial ED consultation: £75 (with a consultant)

Blood tests (if applicable): £25 – 125

Shockwave therapy: £200/session (6 sessions total)

Follow-up specialist consultation: Free

How do I begin this treatment?

To begin treatment for erectile dysfunction, we will start you off with a Specialist ED Consultation. Our Doctor will assess your symptoms before running through the treatment options and sending the necessary blood tests for assessment.

After this initial stage, we will begin the shockwave therapy. We will see you 6 times (this may vary), once a week.

Alternative ED treatments

(1) Oral Medications

Improves blood flow to vessels in the penis. Effects can last approx. 2 days. Not available over-the-counter.

(2) Urethral Cream

Works similar to the oral medications, except a cream is applied to the opening of the penis. Takes 5-30 minutes to work and lasts for approx. 1 hour.

(3) Penile Injections

A once popular method of achieving an erection by synthetic hormones. Takes 5-30 minutes to work and lasts for approx. 1 hour. Needs to be administered carefully for optimal results.

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