HPV Vaccine

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

HPV High-Risk Types can cause cervical, vulval, vaginal and anal cancers. The HPV vaccine is designed to protect against the development of these cancers and their consequences.

Whilst girls from the age of 12-13 have been receiving vaccinations in the UK since 2008, this cover is now being extended to boys [1].

If you are unable to receive the HPV vaccination from us, please contact your local NHS GUM/sexual health clinic to check your eligibility.

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Decrease in HPV 16 & 18 infections in women aged 16-21 [2]


Million + people vaccinated against HPV worldwide [3]

Our HPV Vaccine

Our routine HPV Vaccine is the Nonavalent [9vHPV] Vaccine.


The HPV vaccine has been a major advance in the fight against genital warts and HPV related cancers. Ideally, the best time to have the vaccine is before someone becomes sexually active but given the vaccine has only recently become available it can be of great value doesn’t matter the age, gender and sexual orientation.

In fact, the benefit from the vaccine is perceived to be so strong NHS is routinely offering Quadrivalent [4vHPV] vaccine in gay men under 45.

Please note that the HPV vaccine is:

  1. NOT a cure for HPV
  2. NOT a treatment for genital warts (and a prevention of its recurrence)
  3. NOT a replacement of regular cervical & anal cancer screening

Key Information

Vaccinated against types:
6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52, and 58

Site of injection:
Upper arm

Dosage timeline (taken within 24 months):
Dose 1: Any time
Dose 2: 1-3 months after 1st dose
Dose 3: 6 months after 2nd dose

Side Effects:
Local pain & headache. The vaccine is also considered safe enough to be adminstered to children.

Initial Consultation fee: £50

One dose of HPV Vaccine: £170 (3 doses required)

Step 2: Discuss if the HPV vaccine is for you.

Step 3: Administer the first dose.

Step 4: Call you back for 2nd and 3rd doses.

Previous HPV Vaccines

We no longer offer the following vaccines:

Quadrivalent [4vHPV] HPV Vaccine which protects against types  6, 11, 16 & 18.

One key difference to note is that the 9vHPV vaccine produces 40mg/dose of the antigen that protects against type 18, whereas the 4vHPV vaccine produces 20mg/dose [4] [5].

Bivalent [2vHPV] HPV Vaccine which protects against types 16 & 18.

Eligibility for the HPV Vaccine

For those who live in the UK, the HPV vaccine is routinely offered to [4]:

  • girls & boys between the ages of 12-13 in school*.
  • men who have sex with men who are 45 or under in NHS sexual health (GUM) clinics.

If you have missed your HPV vaccine and are under 25 years old, you can receive it for free from your GP.

Anyone above the age of 18 can receive the HPV vaccine from us.

*Under 15’s will be given 2 doses, as opposed to 3 doses in adults.


Will I be able to have the vaccine on the first appointment?

Yes. We will be able to administer the first dose of the HPV vaccine during your first appointment.

Can men and women have the HPV vaccine?

Yes. The HPV vaccine is routinely offered to both men and women.

Will the vaccine prevent me from getting Genital Warts?

Whilst there is some evidence to show that there has been a reduction of genital warts diagnosis after routinely offering the HPV vaccine, the HPV vaccine is not designed to prevent against genital warts, but against cancers.

Who will adminster the HPV vaccine?

The HPV vaccine will be administered by a sexual health nurse or doctor (please enquire regarding availability).

I don't live in the UK. Can I take the HPV Vaccines to my home country?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the HPV vaccines to take to your home country. This is because vaccines must be kept under regulated conditions and are to be safely administered by healthcare professionals.

If you are experiencing symptoms

It is important to refer to a healthcare provider as soon as possible. Our experience combined with timely detection can help avoid complications in the future.

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