Contraceptive Coil Fitting

We understand that the prospect of getting a coil fitted can be a nerve-racking experience for a lot of people.

We’re here to make this process as easy and simple for you as possible, whilst ensuring your comfort at every stage.


Unhurried appointments

With plenty of time for you


Highly confidential service

And discreetly located clinics


Specialists in contraception

From busy NHS clinics

What types of coils do you fit?

We fit four types of coil at our clinic:

1. Copper Coil (IUD) – for 5 years
2. Copper Coil (IUD) – for 10 years

3. Hormonal Coil (IUS) – for 5 years
4. Hormonal Coil (IUS) – for 10 years

At the time of your appointment, you will be able to discuss which coil is right for you and proceed with fitting it in the same appointment, if it is safe to do so.

Which coil is right for me?

If you’re not sure which type of coil is right for you, that’s not a problem.

We will have both types of coils ready for you at the time of your appointment so after you have discussed with your clinician, we can fit the appropriate one for you.

When can the coil be fitted?

A coil can be fitted at any time of your menstrual cycle, as long as there is no chance of pregnancy.

If you are using a method of contraception, please continue with your pills, patches, injection or implant, including the day of your procedure. This may include reliable condom use.

Your clinician will inform you how long you will need to continue after the device is fitted.

If you are not currently using a method of contraception, it is advised to abstain from any sexual contact from the first day of your period. If attending for a refit of either devices, abstain for 7 days prior to appointment.

Using a coil as a emergency contraception

An IUD (or Copper Coil) can be used to prevent a pregnancy after a contraceptive-method failure/unprotected sex.

As a rule of thumb, it can be fitted upto 5 days before the event or upto 5 days after estimated ovulation.

How does the fitting work?

Step 1: Pre-consultation phone call

We will start the process with a telephone call from your clinician to understand your reason for getting a coil and some key questions before booking your appointment.

We will also tell you about what you need to do before your appointment (see next step).

Step 2: Prepare for your appointment

We recommend a Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea PCR test
This prevents any infection (if present) from travelling further up the uterus during the fitting and avoids long term complications such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

Please take a painkiller 1 hour before your appointment

Bring someone to drive you home
Some patients may feel a little faint after the fitting and may feel more comfortable to have someone drive them home.

Step 3: Begin with the initial consultation

We will cover your medical, sexual, contraceptive history.

Step 4: Insert your coil

The actual fitting of the coil takes approx. 5 minutes. We will begin by offering you a local anaesthetic gel – we will discuss this in the consultation.

Your clinician will then need to examine you internally by placing 2 fingers into the vagina and a hand on your abdomen. This can be briefly a little uncomfortable but it doesn’t take long.

A speculum is then inserted into the vagina so the neck of the womb (Cervix) can be seen.

A small clip then is placed onto the cervix to keep it still while a small straw like tube is placed through the cervix and measures the length of the womb. This can cause a fleeting period-like cramping pain.

Then it is time to place the device in much the same way that the device is being held in a tube. Once in place, the threads to the device are trimmed and normally about 2cm outside the cervix. The clip and speculum are then removed and you can then rest back. 

Once we’ve taken the speculum out, we will show you how to feel for the thread by yourself.

Some patient may experience a crampy period-like after the coil fitting. This is quite normal and will be discussed in your consultation.

Some patients also take this time to have their routine smear test, to save another visit. This, of course, depends on whether you feel comfortable doing so.

Step 5: After-care

We will then give you some privacy after the coil fitting, time to apply a sanitary pad (if required) and time to get dressed.

Step 6: Follow up coil check

This is usually done 3-6 weeks after your fitting to make sure that the coil is well placed, ensure you are doing well and answer any questions that may have arisen.

You may also wish to do this with your GP.


How much does the fitting cost?

Some patients prefer to get the following from their GP:

  • Chlamydia & Gonorrhoea PCR test
  • The copper/hormonal coil itself
  • Post-fit coil check

If you’re looking to have your coil replaced in the same appointment (and can feel the thread of the present coil) we charge an extra £50 for its removal.

Read what our patients say

Everything was great. The doctor is so kind to people and he is an amazing human being I felt so comfortable and safe .The place is so clean and and private. The tests take only 20 minutes then you can get the result directly. It was the easiest way to book an appointment through the phone so everytime I called the secretary on the reception answered . I really recommend this clinic to everyone in need.

Nick West
Nick W.

Very short waiting time.Was dealt with in a very professional manner.

Davinder Singh
Davinder S.

Very good service had my moles removed and skin tags first class service I have had them with me for years and did not no were to go and they were all gone in 30 mins and with no pain thanks to the team at complete sexual heath

kev ryan
kev R.

First time visiting Clarewell clinic ( Birmingham) Fantastic service the staff are really amazing all proffesional and friendly. Dr Malu you are a great man thank you for your proffessionalism, honesty, friendly attitude , being informative and being a good listener so rare to find 5 star treatment thank you and best wishes from Justina.


Bogdan Avram
Bogdan A.

Very friendly, welcoming and professional. Got results very quickly and put my mind at ease, would 100% recommend using this clinic.

Cole Turner
Cole T.

If I could rate more than 5 stars I would the service was much better than the nhs and during these times of lockdown I was seen same day without hesitation many thanks to the doctor who helped me during my hard times


I have been to Clarewell Clinic on a couple of occasions, once for wart removal, where Dr Malu explained to me exactly what he would have to do. I was made to feel comfortable and relaxed. I then had a follow up appointment, where again I was made to feel at ease. I recently went to the clinic again due to having an online test with another company and being phoned by them to say that the HIV part of the test had been reactive. As you can imagen I was very stressed. The clinic got me in the same day for an appointment and Dr Malu saw me and remembered me. This put me at ease, We did two blood tests and I found out within 3 hours that all was negative. I can highly recommend this clinic. All the staff are professional but also friendly and non judgmental.


They r professional and kind I was so scared of what I was dealing with but the doctor took of it they r so friendly aswell I have been there today and I already feel well

Elsie Ameyaa Tannor
Elsie Ameyaa T.

I had never been to a clinic for a check for STD before and I was nervous. But Dr.Manoj Malu will immediately put you at ease . I felt very comfortable with them and I was very pleased with everything including the cost . Great location I would recommend everyone who is worrying a lot about STI’s . They will put you at ease

Cherry y
Cherry y

Julie was extremely helpful and understanding. She understood me and listened which was very nice. Would definitely recommend thanks Julie… Bob

Streetfighter 2
Streetfighter 2

Streetfighter 2
Streetfighter 2

The best experience I’ve had. Julie made the process easy and clear aswell as making me feel comfortable and an amazing experience.

Charlotte Vaughan
Charlotte V.

visited the clinic got an implant removal,Julie was amazing felt safe and secure I would definitely recommend Julie at the clinic got a same day appointment unlike the nhs which was 3 months wait

Phoebe-imogen Leake
Phoebe-imogen L.

Very professional service from Clarewell Clinics who have looked after me with the greatest of respect over the last year. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone with a sexual health problem, especially if you have been to other GP/doctors!

Ranvir Singh
Ranvir S.

This is a brilliant clinic. The staff are really friendly and you feel at ease as soon as you walk in. The cleanest clinic ive been to aswell. The service is fantastic and Dr Malu is a champ, such a great guy. Same day results are also great as it defuses worry or panic. Lastly they make you an awsome herbal tea! I highly recommend you go to this place if your looking for precision and proffessionalism.

Joshua Parry
Joshua P.

Visted to have implant remove. Julie was amazing, reassured my daughter as was very nervous..Julie talk everything through making us feel very comfortable, very professional .Would highly recommend Clarewell clinic ….

Gayns Leake
Gayns L.


I can’t speak highly enough of Julie, the warmth in her approach puts your mind at ease immediately. An extremely professional and effective clinic, would highly recommend it.


Clean place, nice welcoming, very professional. I felt Confidential.

Jean Michel
Jean M.

I wish there were more places like this! No need to wait weeks for an appointment (unlike NHS sexual health clinics). Julie was wonderful.

Purday S
Purday S

Julie was very welcoming and made you feel so at ease and not judged,thankyou for your help 🙏

Char D
Char D

Very professional, good service and very understanding of patient requirements


Very professional, friendly and welcoming service. Will efficiently address and resolve your concerns and worries! 11/10.


faisal bhatti
faisal B.

Clarewell Clinics made my experience very simple and easy. I would highly recommend this clinic to someone who wants quick answers and a professional service. Thank you to the whole team for helping me out!

Charlie Kramer
Charlie K.

Dr Malu and Julie were amazing. Really good care, professionals on top class, really careful. Explained everything before and after the treatment. Would definitely recommend them for anyone, who wonders. Thank you.


Very helpful from Julie. Delivery all the test for me and decrease my worrying. Song

King knight
King K.

The staff are super friendly, I was worried about an incident that occurred and the Dr was Amazing, thankfully results come clear definitely recommend these guys . Adam Ali

Jay Khan
Jay K.

The clarewell clinic provided an incredibly friendly, comforting and supportive service! I was really pleased with the service I received, and came away feeling confident and reassured by the appointment I had received. 10/10 would strongly recommend!

Jeevan Slaich
Jeevan S.

I have received 5* service from Dr Malu. Who has put all my worries to rest, very lovely place & staff are outstanding. Dr Malu has been very supportive and understanding, would recommend to anyone.Thank you Clarewell !

Holly East
Holly E.

Julie was lovely, very professional and down to earth, she puts you at ease straight away! She was great with my strange needle request as I’m not great with them!I think she went above and beyond to what my expectations were.Will definitely return for routine check ups.


Julie was amazing – she put me at ease straight away. She was professional, non judgemental and just generally lovely. I can’t thank you enough Julie.

ja Crew
ja C.

Got my implant fitted here and it was such a nice experience. I’m afraid of blood but Julie put me to ease and she was very kind and helpful. Would recommend to anyone

laura dilks
laura D.

Highly recommended. I had my contraceptive implant removed on 7/11/19 by Julie. I cant thank Julie enough. Professional and caring attitude from the moment I arrived. The procedure was fully explained and felt very much at ease. I’m happy to say the removal was a true success, risk free and pain free. Advisable to all who are looking for efficient contraceptive advice either fitting or removal then this is the place to come.

Caroline Wilford
Caroline W.

fast , friendly and efficient what more can you ask for.Very satisfied.

Richard Weston
Richard W.

We found the staff very friendly and professional.They explained what to expect during the procedure and after and I felt confident and relaxed at all times.Thankyou x

Jannette Weston
Jannette W.

My treatment was explained really clearly to me and was done within 45 mins both clinicians was very passional and made me feel at ease would definitely recommend

Jade Kirby
Jade K.

After having problems and suffering for a Long periods of time treatment after treatment My wart we’re spreading round my genital and my back passage. No help and treatment was given through NSH so I suffered in silent for many years. I needed treatment so went and booked an appointment to see Dr Malu at the Clarewell clinic him and this team put me at easy and it only took 2 appointment for the treatment. Am happy to say am free from warts now.

Richard More
Richard M.

I had a wonderful experience going to see Julie and Karen, they were very professional but also very friendly. They immediately put me at ease and talked me through everything they were doing. I would highly recommend them.

Clare Dawson
Clare D.

One of the best service and best doctors ..! I have been to Birmingham clinic and the Dr Manoj K Malu is a wonderful person and provided a very professional service .. thank you doctor for your all help and for putting me at ease, I really appreciate ..!


First time I been to a private dr surgery Staff was very nice and helpful very informative Receptionist was very helpful and very nice I met a lot of people that work on receptions but this lady was very kind and helpful she made my experience very good made me feel like a friend I would definitely return to your surgery And I would recommend it to my friend and family thank you for all your help

Shahzad Mahmood
Shahzad M.

Julie at the leicester clinic is the most incredible lady. She defused what was a very stressful situation for me into a calm easy process that took less than half an hour. After my Local GP had pretty much refused to take my coil out despite numerous attempts, I found Julie at the Clarewell Clinic whom was more than happy to remove this and advise me correctly, something which my GP did not do. From now onwards for any advice and/or future contraception I will be visiting the Julie at the Clarewell clinic. Thank you so so much again Julie! You are an amazing lady ❤️

Sophie JB
Sophie J.

Amazing place, would highly recommend and is much better and stress free than normal practices.

Tom Weston
Tom W.

I absolutely cannot recommend Clarewell Clinics enough. This Tuesday just gone, I attended clinic for some concerns I had and saw Julie. Other reviews that I had read previously had all praised Julie, and after spending an hour with her on Tuesday afternoon, I was and still am overwhelmed with gratitude that I had been booked with her. Julie made my very worrying situation much easier than I could have ever imagined. She gave me every bit of information I needed, answered every question I had (even if I’d asked it already) with patience, kindness, and honesty, and she treated me with a wonderful amount of respect. I shall always be grateful to her for making my burden a lot lighter to carry. Thank you so much Julie, thank you so much Clarewell Clinics.

Jett Rins
Jett R.

I was seen by Julie for my implant removal. Julie was kind and professional. She put me at ease and removed my implant painlessly. I would thoroughly recommend seeing Julie.The clinic was clean and calm. It was a nice environment to be treated in.


I am very happy with the level of service that was provided. on both appointments I was seen straight away, no waiting around. very friendly staff, I couldn’t of asked for more. Do not hesitate you are well worth the money. Big thanks to Dr Malu

phil ferrara
phil F.

Quality service. No complaints. Feels a bit weird reviewing this kind of place 👍


Absolutely fantastic service from the whole team at Clarewell, I highly recommend Clarewell to anyone needing the services they offer.The whole team do everything possible to make you feel totally comfortable and reassured from the minute you walk through the door. The receptionist, nurse and the brilliant Dr Malu are all 10/10.If you’re considering visiting them then definitely DO IT!

Keiran 93
Keiran 9.

Manoj is brilliant and can put u at ease instantly deffonatly recommend

Simon Lloyd
Simon L.

Very happy to finally find a clinic where they know what they are doing. I am writing here so that other people suffering like me get right help. I have taken few sessions for shockwave treatment. Good results.

Muhammed Ali
Muhammed A.

Great service, lovely nurse who was very helpful and caring. Highly reccomend!!

Annonymous 123
Annonymous 1.

A very professional and nice and friendly staff. Dealt with the problem I came in with. Will be back if I have any other sexual health problem. Thanks.

Roland Pope
Roland P.

Can’t recommend this place enough, As soon as you walk in the door you are met with a very well mannered and friendly young man. Dr Malu puts you right at ease and and works through your problems with you offering advice as to how to attack these issues. He is very thorough and professional, always with your best interest at heart. Thank you very much.

Robert Hull
Robert H.

Despite being nervous and apprehensive I was made to feel very relaxed and calm. Julie was excellent, professional yet non judgemental with lots of genuine friendly advice – I can’t recommend Julie and the clinic highly enough!

David Edmondson
David E.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Very professional. I will always recommend this clinic.

Apphia Tella
Apphia T.

Fantastic professional service made me feel at ease throughout despite being nervous quick results & only recommended the services I needed. Thanks you

Alex Lander
Alex L.

Dr Malu was extremely helpful and caring, you can tell he genuinely cares about patients and their health and he helped reassure me and calm my nerves from the beginning. If you are worried or have any problems save yourself the stress and see Dr Malu! I wish I would of came much sooner! Very calm, clean environment and helpful polite receptionist. Very understanding about your situation and not judgmental. Will definitely be returning for routine check ups ! Thank you for my good news today 🙂 can finally move on.

Sarah M
Sarah M

Asbaloulty fantastic service went today to have NY implant removed doctor was great thank you highly recommend


a very good doctor. very helpful

Vanessa Erazo
Vanessa E.

Thank you to the fantastic dr kumar and the team, they put me at ease and treated me with total respect. My treatment was done within an hour. I had previously had nhs treatment which hadn’t worked. I would recommend anyone with stds to contact clarewell.. thank you all who have helped me

Marion Geraghty
Marion G.

I was a student here at Clarewell Clinics and found the services that this clinic provided was fantastic. All members of staff were polite and welcomed me with open arms. They are a highly professional team, building rapport with the patients and ensuring they are at ease. I was given lots of opportunity, experience and information regarding sexual health. I definitely recommend Clarewell Clinics.

Esme Whitehouse
Esme W.

Excellent service and brilliant facilities. I cannot praise Dr Manoj enough for his efficiency, as well Dr Kunur for his expertise. Both highly capable surgeons. I can truly say it was a job well done and I would recommend to anyone looking for treatment to visit this clinic. Once again thank you so much for everything.

Tj Bah
Tj B.

yaseen al-hadeethi
yaseen A.

Very professional and high quality of service!

Eleni Theodoridou
Eleni T.

Very professional and friendly. Doctor put me at ease when he seen I was nervous, and was very good at listening to my worries and took the time to reassure me. 100% recommend this clinic, very respectful service.

Nicola Bott
Nicola B.

Very efficient and professional service from staff. Extremely kind and knowledgeable doctor.

michael benjamin
michael B.

Dr Malu provided a caring and informative service, and removed my partners skin seborrheic keratosis , with some excellent results


The best experience I ever had with a doctor. Great clinic, I highly recommend it!

Ana Deaconescu
Ana D.

Great service and experience. The staff and the doctor were kind and they will put you on ease. Same day results and the doctor advice help me of better understanding of potential risks for my sex health and brought to my attention that despite HIV there are other STI that we should be aware off. I will highly recommend this clinic.

Eden Dva
Eden D.

Dr. Malu really listened to my fears and took his time during our consultation. I never felt rushed and it was one of the best doctor’s appointments I have ever had (I was nervous for the appointment obviously). The premises are humble (as I believe they are fairly new) BUT the service was impeccable..!!! The man working reception was extremely polite and had a calming presence. The nurse was extremely pleasant, helpful and calming as well. The doctor and nurse seemed like a team whose purpose was to help me and I really appreciated that… I felt like everyone genuinely cared about me and I can’t thank them enough… highly recommend.

Peyton B
Peyton B

First time used a private clinic with no stasifactory resolution of my concerns with my usual doctors. It was a massive decision for me as I had never gone private before. I was a bit apprehensive about the how much this may all cost me. Team in this clinic are professionals and truly caring. They explain the things to you every step of the way and only did tests and treatment after seeking my permission. I wanted to have some tests done but they advised against them with an explanation why they are unnecessary.I will recommend this clinic.

Nicola Bott
Nicola B.

I would like to recommend this Clinic to anyone. Had a great customer service, make you feel very comfortable, keep you calm and cleared all my doubts, and also very hygienic and helpful.

Manuel Freitas
Manuel F.

First Class service, Dr Malu very professional doctor who made me feel at ease and spent the time to explain and answer my questions, very friendly staff and promt service, would recommend complete sexual health to be a five star service

Sharon Cunningham
Sharon C.

Attended private sexual health clinic today. Was extremely nervous but was quickly reassured by the doctor. He spent time listening to my concerns and made me feel at ease. Testing was very quick and easy. Results same day. Have already recommended the service to my friends.

anonymous anonymous
anonymous A.

Everything was great. The doctor is so kind to people and he is an amazing human being I felt so comfortable and safe .The place is so clean and and private. The tests take only 20 minutes then you can get the result directly. It was the easiest way to book an appointment through the phone so everytime I called the secretary on the reception answered . I really recommend this clinic to everyone in need.

Nick West
Nick W.

Very short waiting time.Was dealt with in a very professional manner.

Davinder Singh
Davinder S.

Very good service had my moles removed and skin tags first class service I have had them with me for years and did not no were to go and they were all gone in 30 mins and with no pain thanks to the team at complete sexual heath

kev ryan
kev R.

First time visiting Clarewell clinic ( Birmingham) Fantastic service the staff are really amazing all proffesional and friendly. Dr Malu you are a great man thank you for your proffessionalism, honesty, friendly attitude , being informative and being a good listener so rare to find 5 star treatment thank you and best wishes from Justina.


Bogdan Avram
Bogdan A.

Very friendly, welcoming and professional. Got results very quickly and put my mind at ease, would 100% recommend using this clinic.

Cole Turner
Cole T.


How long does the appointment take?

The appointment is approx. 30 minutes long and this includes enough time for the consultation + the fitting of the coil.

For those looking to have an implant or previous coil removed in the same appointment may require 45 minutes.

Does the procedure hurt?

It can be mildly painful to have the coil inserted or removed. Our specialists will walk you through what to expect and how to be prepared during the consultation. You may ask any questions you may have then and discuss ways in which to make the procedure more comfortable.

We also offer a local anesthetic called ‘instillagel’ which is administered in a tube and is a very clear jelly like substance. Whilst this does not guaruntee the procedure will be pain free, it can help to reduce some of the discomfort.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes. You can bring someone with you to your appointment. Some patients feel a little faint after the procedure and may want someone to drive them home.

Will I need a time off after the procedure?

Most patients do not need any time off work after the procedure. However, it is advised to rest immediately afterwards, avoid strenuous activity and avoid menstrual cups for up to 6 weeks after the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience period-like pains and it is not uncommon to bleed for a couple of days and may take a few weeks to completely settle. Painkillers such as paracetamol and a hot water bottle usually help to alleviate this.

Rarely patients can develop an infection after having their coil fitted. If you are experiencing unusual pain, strong smelling discharge, have a fever or are showing any other symptoms indicative of an infection, please seek medical advice or visit your local GUM clinic.

Do I need to have a check up after a coil fitting?

Whilst it is not always necessary to have a check up, some patients prefer to. A check up is usually carried out 3-6 weeks after the fitting to check that the coil is well placed, that you are doing well, and to answer any questions that may have arisen. The check up can be done by your GP if you would prefer.

In some cases, the uterus can expel the coil, or it can move (displacement); this is most common during the first 4 weeks after insertion. A check up is recommended to ensure that the coil is well placed, not at risk of expulsion and has not become displaced.