Consultant Clinic

Complex, unresolved, difficult cases or second opinions

Welcome to our Consultant Clinic

This is for those wanting to see the leading doctors in the field of sexual health.

Our consultants have established sexual & reproductive health pathways in the NHS, they run complex (GUM & Contraception) clinics and are at the fore of research. 

The consultant clinic is primarily designed for those who:

  • are looking for a second opinion
  • have a recurring problem
  • have an unresolved problem
  • have complex & detailed questions about their sexual health
  • are suffering from a great deal of anxiety regarding their sexual health

You will be able to discuss & proceed with any STI Tests, STI Treatments, Genital Wart Removal Procedures & Contraception Procedures in the same appointment, if it is safe to do so.


Length of appointment: approx. 45 minutes

Consultation fee: £125

The cost of any tests & treatment is not included in the consultation fee. Visit our fees page for prices.

How does it work?

Step 1
Book an appointment

Step 2
Initial consultation

Step 3
Discuss & administer tests/treatment

Step 3
Follow up appointment

If you are experiencing symptoms,

It is important to refer to a healthcare provider as soon as possible. Our experience combined with timely detection can help avoid complications in the future.