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Our Fees / Finance options

Finance options

We offer interest free payment plans to help cover your costs over 3 or 6 months.

At the moment, we are only offering this option for our Hyfrecation procedure alone (a minor surgical procedure for the effective treatment of genital warts).

How does the process work?

Step 1: Learn about Splitit

Whilst we have reviewed numerous financing companies, we have found the simplicity and transparency of Splitit to stand above the others.

However, we still encourage you to read their legal information here:


Step 2: Book a HPV-Wart Consultation

Before we offer any procedures, we must carry out a consultation. This will allow us to discuss any concerns and questions you have, any medical conditions and ensure that you fully understand the minor surgical procedure.

You will also receive an exact quote for the Hyfrecation procedure.

Step 3: Fill out Splitit application

This is a simple form which you can fill out on your phone/computer. It will take a couple of days for the application to be approved.

Step 4: Book in for your procedure

Once the application has been confirmed, we will be able to book you in for your procedure.

Please note that we do not offer same day removals with this method of payment.


These questions and answers have been quoted from Splitit’s FAQs – please read more here.

What fees does Splitit charge me?

“Paying with Splitit is always 0% interest, and there are never any late fees.”

What happens to my credit score if I use Splitit?

“If you pay with a Splitit installment plan there is no impact on your credit score. The bank simply sees the individual installment charges each month. If one of your payment authorizations is declined, there is still no effect on your credit rating; it is simply a declined charge.”

Can I pay off my installments early?

“Yes, you can. This option is available on your Splitit shopper portal or you can contact our customer care at”