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Our Fees

Please find a comprehensive price list below. If you have any questions before booking an appointment, please call our medical receptionists for further information.

Cancellation Policy (See More)

Unlike most private clinics, we do not charge a deposit at the time of booking an appointment. This is to make the booking process as easy and discreet for yourself.

In the event that you are unable to attend your appointment, we politely request that you give us at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend. This is so we may offer the appointment to another patient.

If you did not attend your appointment (or cancelled within 24 hours), we will charge a £60 fee to cover the cost of a standard appointment before we offer you a second appointment.

We thank you for understanding the reasons for this policy and please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Consultant Clinic

If you’ve been to other clinics for a solution to your problem (or have multiple), we recommend an appointment with one of our consultants.

Please note that any tests/treatments are charged seperately.

30 minute consultant appointment £125

60 minute consultant appointment £250

Follow ups

Please note that our standard charges apply.

Sexual Health Clinic


We discuss the nuances of your situation, offer a physical examination and discuss appropriate tests/treatments you may need, if at all.

The consultation makes up approx. 10-15 minutes of the appointment, with the remaining 15-20 minutes for tests/treatment to be administered.

For STIs/HIV (included in tests) £60


All tests include a sexual health consultation so you can discuss which ones are right for you and when.

Please note that any treatment required is separately chargeable.

Individual tests (see more)

Any individual test taken with another individual test/package will be reduced by £50

Results in 20 minutes

Results in 3 hours
4 working days in our Leicestershire clinic

Results in 4 working days
Saturday and sunday not included

Results in 2 weeks


Accurate results from 14 days after possible exposure with follow up at 90 days (included in the fee)

Accurate results from 45 days after possible exposure with most results available same day (3 hours in our Birmingham clinic)

Symptomatic screens Varies

Accurate results from 45 days after possible exposure with some results available in 3 hours and the others within 7 working days.


In the event that your test result comes back positive, we will be able to offer you medications in our clinic (extra charges apply).

We also have expertise in managing common genital symptoms including: pelvic pain, vaginal discharge, thrush and BV to name a few. In men we often see penile discharge, balanitis, thrush and pain in the testicles to name a few.

Common medications (see more)

Please note that if you have tested elsewhere, we will only be able to offer treatments in a sexual health consultation (£60).

Bacterial vaginosis £30

Candida (Thrush): £30

Chlamydia: £30

Epididymitis: £60

Genital warts by Hyfrecation: See below

Gonorrhoea (injectable antibiotics): £100

Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 doses required): £70/dose

Herpes (outbreak): £30

Herpes Suppression: £50

HIV PEP (within 72 hours after exposure): £550 (includes consultation + baseline HIV & Hepatitis B test)

HIV PrEP (before exposure): £80/month

HPV Vaccine (3 doses required): £170/dose

Mycoplasma genitalium: £130 (includes test of cure)

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID): £60

Syphilis (injectable antibiotics): £100/dose

Syphilis (oral antibiotics): £30

Trichomonas vaginalis: £100 (includes test of cure)

Common vaccines (see more)

Hepatitis B Vaccine (3 doses required): £70/dose (+ consultation fee at first visit)

HPV Vaccine (3 doses required): £170/dose

HIV medications (see more)

HIV PEP (within 72 hours after exposure): £550 (includes consultation + baseline HIV & Hepatitis B test)

HIV PrEP (before exposure): £80/month

Follow ups

Please note that our standard charges apply.

Certificate of testing (for official purposes)

Please bring your passport/driving license to the appointment and we can issue a signed certificate.

HPV-Wart Clinic


Before we administer any HPV tests, treatments and/or vaccines, we must carry out a consultation.

This allows us to better understand why the patients are coming to us and any medical concerns to be aware of.

With a Consultant Doctor £125

With a Specialist Nurse (for genital wart diagnosis) £60

With a Specialist Nurse (for HPV testing) Included in tests

HPV Testing

The most common method of diagnosis for Genital warts (which is caused by the HPV virus) is a physical examination under excellent illumination and from an experienced professional.

Consultations with a Specialist Nurse are included in the cost of the following tests.

Click here to learn more about our HPV tests >

Xpert High Risk [16, 18-45] DNA PCR £180

In the event of a High Risk result in women, a complimentary smear will be run from the same sample.

This pricing was updated on 01/04/2021 upon finding a new laboratory to process these tests.

Biopsy (with consultant only) £450

Genital wart removal

Hyfrecation (learn more) is a minor surgical procedure that works by burning off skin lesions using electrocautery. It is particularly useful in the immediate clearance of warts.

We offer financing options for our Hyfrecation procedure. Click here to learn more.

Doctor Consultation (not included in procedure) £125

Hyfrecation from £400

Click here for finance options >

The exact cost of the Hyfrecation procedure will depend on the size, number, location and complexity of your warts – this is why it is difficult to have a fixed cost for the procedure before seeing you in person.

Follow ups

Please note that our standard charges apply.

Family Planning & Contraception

Coil & Implant Procedures

  • Consultation & coil/implant procedures are carried out in the same appointment
  • Procedure fees shown include a consultation with a Specialist Nurse

Procedures with a consultant doctor will incur an additional fee of £150.

Short term methods

When taken with another service, we reduce the fee by £50 of the following methods.

Appointments are approx. 15 minutes long.

Patches (3 month supply) £100

Pills (3 month supply) £90