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Hyfrecation After-care

Your post operative recovery should be smooth in most cases. Whilst we address what post-care may look like in your initial consultation, we have also presented that information here for your ease.

And, of course, we are happy to answer any further questions you may have via a telephone call.

Care after the procedure

Pain relief

Most patients may want a simple painkiller like Paracetamol for a couple of days.

Prevention of infection

After the procedure, you may be given a course of antibiotics if you are deemed at risk of infection. However, most patients will not need any antibiotics.

Care of the operative site

Dressing: You will be supplied with the dressing with the advice on how to use it and how long to use it for if it is thought that you will need a dressing. However, in most cases, the operative site is left open, and requires no dressing.

Saline wipes: You will be supplied with sterile saline wipes to keep the skin clean. You can use these wipes a couple of times a day for a few days.

Salt water bath: You will be advised to take a salt-water bath a couple of times a day for a few days. This reduces soreness and also produces a local soothing effect. This is particularly helpful following the treatment of vulval and anal warts. You should use common salt in lukewarm water for this treatment and remember to wash it away with plain water after you have taken the salt-water bath.


It is rare for bleeding to occur from areas treated with Hyfrecation. Occasionally a  small amount of blood may ooze from the treated area in first 24 hours, which is managed by application of a gauze piece and some pressure (this will be in your after-care pack).

If you are concerned about the bleeding, please ring the clinic for advice.

If the bleeding is heavy and not stopping despite application of pressure, you should seek advice from the clinic, or attend A&E (out of hours, out of area patients).

Remaining warts

If there are any remaining warts to be treated after your procedure, they will be treated in the follow up appointments in 2 weeks time. This may particularly be the case for those with larger or subtle warts.

This follow up visit is included in the procedure fee.

Expected course of recovery

You will notice some redness developing around the treated area. This should scab over a few days and go through different stages of healing over the next week or so. In more extensive cases, the healing process can take much longer. 

We recommend that you give yourself 1-2 weeks before undertaking further treatment, as the treated skin needs time to recover, allowing further treatment to be administered safely where needed. That is why we recommend that a follow-up treatment be booked after about 2 weeks from the procedure. This will also allow you to have treatment for any warts recurring in this period.

Resuming sexual relationships

You are ok to resume sexual relationships when the treated areas have healed. This is to avoid any discomfort as well as to prevent any infection of the treated site.

Booking a follow-up appointment

A single follow-up appointment is included in the cost of a procedure. We recommend that you book your appointment about 2 weeks after the procedure to allow your skin to heal properly, and be treated if necessary. This also applies if you have noticed any lesions that you think may have been inadvertently left out at the time of procedure. These will be attended to at the time of scheduled follow-up.

Communicating with your GP

We encourage you to allow us to inform your GP to know about the treatment you have received with us. However, we will only do that with your consent.

Hyfrecation treatment in the future for new or recurrent warts

It is safe to have warts treated with repeat Hyfrecation if they do recur, or you develop new warts in other areas. Assessment of such warts, whether recurrent or new warts arising in the future, will attract a consultation fee, and a procedure fee if you wish to go ahead with Hyfrecation treatment.

Contact Us

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